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Cogito Dla Polonii

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Good morning Polonio️️️ !!!

Let's celebrate Polish school day together. Our holiday :)
We would like to thank Teachers from Polish Schools around the world, as well as institutions thanks to which Polish diaspora youth can learn Polish and Polish history. Today, we highly recommend the October edition of "Cogito for Polonia", in which you will find many interesting learning materials and presentation ideas. A lot of conversations with young Poles. In your attention, we recommend the "How to find your ancestor" guide.
We invite you to travel to the past. Discover interesting stories about your loved ones, but also great Poles, important places for the homeland. Get to know the stories of the heroes of this edition of "Cogito for Polonia".

Ola Siewko
Chief editor of "Cogito for Polonia"

New number to download: at the Polonia Digital Library:

You will find in it:
- coverage of the Polish School in Egypt,
- how American Polonia lives,
- touching stories of young Polish diaspora about how they live in two countries,
- Białystok - why it is worth coming here to study,
- interview with Remigiusz Mroz, master of detective story,
- from the cycle great Poles - Piotr Skarga as a teacher of patriotism,
- presentation material from history - about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,
- a guide to the most interesting castles in Poland,
- a recipe for an essay on patriotism from the Polish language,
- grammar course - phraseology,
- discussion of reading - "Dziady" by Adam Mickiewicz,

This is the 10/2019 edition!

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Polish Brotherhood of Gutenberg Knights.
"Cogito for Polonia" - e-magazine for Polish diaspora youth around the world. "Cogito for Polonia" task - co-financed as part of the care of the Senate of the Republic of Poland over the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad in 2019.

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